Helooo, I m hope.

My hooman named me after my late sister smoothie, who she lost due to kidney and liver infections. So this is a story of two dogs who changed my hooman’s life.

Smoothie, something sweet that brings sweetness into your life. I was never allowed to have a pet dog at home. I always begged to have one. Sometimes it is worth waiting for the right time and God will send you an angel to change your life. She was my angel ba. Smoothies started coming to my door in the starting month of the pandemic. First, it was new for us and we were not comfortable. She was so hungry and had some skin infection. I started feeding her and then it was a daily routine. She comes to my door I feed her, and she sleeps there all day. I want her to come inside but she was scared and wasn’t comfortable.

For 2 days, I hold her and took her inside and tried to give her a home tour but she wasn’t comfortable so I let her be. Sometimes they choose her as their forever home and that’s how we adopted her. One day she came inside my home and was sitting behind me. I was shocked she finally come inside. Then everyone started loving her. She was so a beautiful and calm ba. We even went to Mahabaleshwar temple with her, our first train trio with the smoothie. But one day she got sick and left us forever. It was so difficult to survive without her and to make up my mind to adopt another puppy after losing my soul dog. 

I saw hope at the furthest adoption stall, at that point in time I decided to take her home because I can see my smoothie in her eyes. That’s why I named her hope after the smoothie. Because she is my only hope now. She is beautiful and very naughty. She plays the whole day.

I am already planning so many trips with her and long walks and so many things that I wanted to do with a smoothie. Now our first priority is always a healthy and balanced diet. 

I hope wherever my smoothie is, stays happy and beautiful as she was. Want to thank her for sending me this ba HOPE to take care of me. Thank you smoothie.

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