Why I Started Father of Doggos? 

Honestly, I never thought I would do any such venture especially when I was never fond of Dogs.

Yes, we read it absolutely correctly! I was never fond of Dogs.

Wonder, why?

Something very close to me

My father had dogs at home and just like a jealous person, I found my father loved them more than he did me. At that time I really did not like dogs. However, I am glad that my father introduced me to such lovely creature dogs. That is also the reason I put the name of my venture – “Father of Doggos” in memory of my father and our love for dogs.

We all know that Covid broke down many families. Unfortunately, mine was one of them. I lost my father due to corona. He fought till his last breath, and unfortunately, he still could not make it. However, we all knew that he was a very brave man and he also proved this before going. We are very proud of him.

Not only my father but all the family members of my family including me were diagnosed with covid. They all were hospitalised and were in a critical stage, But I Just didn’t admit myself because of the sole reason of who will take care of all of them. I was not allowed to see my family members. In fact, the Hospital staff asked me to wait outside the hospital and provide the medications. I was badly shattered and helpless at that time.

Meet my Donna

On those days when I used to return home at night, there was someone who was waiting for me all day. Can you guess who was waiting for me?

Yes! It was my dog Girl. My Girl, Her Name is Donna.

I will not mind that before all these hardships and before the lockdown, the bond between me and her (Donna) was not that strong.

Though I also considered my dog as my companion and loved her a lot, the bond that was created during the worst time of my life cannot be explained in words.

Without even being able to speak a word, She used to console me every night. She was the only one who was beside me when there was darkness all around.

The Worst Time I had!

People say boys don’t cry but I do not agree with this. We boys also have feelings and emotions. It is our right to express our emotions and there is nothing wrong with crying. When the situation was getting worse, I used to cry in front of her and yes… it gave me strength. It helped me in feeling lighter letting all my emotions out.

When my father left us all alone, we were not able to handle ourselves. Being the eldest child, it was my responsibility to control the situation and take care of everyone in the house. All day I would act as a rough and tough guy who is capable of handling situations all himself, no matter what the situation is but things were way different at night.

I was not able to control my feelings at night. I used to burst out the tears that I was holding all day long. Days were easy to pass but the nights were getting so long. I could not sleep, no matter how hard I used to try. Nights were getting worse for me.

Then Someone Came up to Lighten my life!

After a few days, I found a stray dog sniffing around our main gate. I thought Dog was hungry so I took two chapatis to feed. As soon as I gave the chapatis, the dog immediately started running with chapatis in its mouth. He did not run away too far. I could see that he stopped near the parking area. I got very curious so I went behind.

To my surprise, it was a female dog who was looking for food to feed her babies. There were around seven to eight babies over there. I felt that chapati would not be appropriate for them to eat so I brought some porridge and milk to feed them. They were very hungry and hardly took even a minute to finish that food.

I was feeling so overwhelmed and happy that I could help someone who was in need. This was when I decided to feed the strays near my house.

I started feeding all the strays near my house regularly. They would all get so excited and happy when they used to see me coming with their food and even when I used to return home from the office, there were a whole lot of dogs, which started walking beside me in the locality wherever I go like they are my bodyguards. This welcome just made my day.

Luckily, I was able to sleep peacefully at night as well.

Also, I developed a different level of confidence and understanding which indirectly made me a better person.

Here comes “Why I started Father of Doggos”

My father was an Idol to our family and when he left us for the heavenly abodes, I always used to remember, He always gave everything to society in his capacities and I immediately decided that we have to do something to make our father proud thus we came up with the name “Father of Doggos” as a token of respect and tribute to our beloved father and the legacy he left behind.

Also, we started considering dogs as our babies. This means each member of our team is now a father and that too of some purest souls which came on this earth in the form of a lovely creature called a DOG.

Everything just falls into place naturally.

So, I started Father of Doggos to pay a tribute to my father and support Dogs. No matter what, We will keep supporting Dogs and the importance they bring in one’s Life. 

If you want to be part of the initiative to spread love toward the Dogs and have an impactful Human-Dog Relation. Kindly share your stories, we will give them a voice for sure! 🙂

This was all about Why I Started Father Of Doggos.

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