You must have heard that dog is the most loyal animal on this planet. They are exceptional and extremely loyal to their owners. 

A dog owner will not at all doubt the previously written line but how can a person who does not own a dog, believe in it? Well as you continue your reading you will get the answer to your question. I will convince you to believe that the dog is the most loyal animal on this planet.

Why a dog is considered the most loyal animal?

1. They are aware that we are sustaining them

Dogs are indeed very well aware of the fact that we sustain them. They consider us everything. we not only provide them with food and shelter but also try to make their life exciting as well. This is one major reason that our dogs are very loyal to us.

It will not be wrong to say that just like God is to us, we are to our dogs.

2. They consider us as their own family

Almost everyone is loyal to their families and thus same goes for our dogs. We consider dogs as a member of our family and the feelings are mutual from their side as well. 

Also, sometimes you must have noticed that your dog may be extra loyal towards one specific person in their family. 

3. Dogs empathize with us

Dog owners will not at all be surprised this point. They are aware of the fact that their dogs empathize with them.

Dogs have been there in our ups and downs. Also, they can feel our love and care for them. They know that we love them a lot and consider them a very important part of our lives. 

This develops feelings of empathy and sympathy in dogs towards their owners, which in turn makes them more loyal to us.

4. Dogs feel for us in the same way we feel for them

This is the most important point which contributes to the reason for dogs being the most loyal animals. Even though dogs love us unconditionally and there is an unbreakable bond between a dog and its owner, there is still a give-and-take relationship between them. 

When you love your dog, they also love you back. Just as you care for your dog, they are also worried about you. You consider your dog an important part of your life. Your dog considers you as his whole life. Similarly, just like you protect your dog, make him feel safe, and are always his side, dogs also make sure that you feel safe around them.

Dog interprets all your actions as your loyalty towards them. Thus they also make sure that they stay loyal to you.

5. Dogs love you and love being with you

This is one simple reason that a dog is considered the most loyal animal. They provide unconditional love to their human beings. Dogs love their owners a lot and they love being with them. They can never think about hurting their human beings.

Scientifically considering, dogs have very sharp senses. They can easily sense positive things and negative things as well.

It has been researched that after interaction of about only 3 minutes with their human, there is an effective increase in the heart rate of your dog along with boosted positive hormone production. 

Thus, it means that dogs know that it is a positive thing to be around their humans and so they love doing that.


I hope I convinced you of the fact that a dog is the most loyal animal. You may also read our blog on Why Dog Is Our Best Friend? I am sure it will convince you of the fact that dogs are our best friends. 

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