You may wonder how did your dog manage to become an important part of your family! Well, I know you want to find the answer to your question. Keep reading this blog as it contains some special reasons why dog is our best friend.

Many dog owners have claimed their dogs as their best friends. They believe in this selfish world out there, dogs are excellent companions. They are absolute friends that will never betray a (wo)man.

It may be possible that you may or may not own a dog. Dog owners may know about all the reasons why they consider their dogs as their best friends. But if you belong to another category then, here are listed below some reasons. They will clear you about why is dog our best friend.

1. Dogs treat us as a family

Yes! You read this right, dogs consider and treat us as their family. It’s not only human beings who consider dogs as their family but vice versa. The feelings that dogs have for their owners and families are mutual to the feelings that pet parents have for their fur babies. Just like human beings, dogs are also very protective and possessive towards their family members. 

They protect their family members from any kind of problem. They even get jealous when their love and affection are shared with someone else.

2. Dogs can improve our mental health

It is scientifically proven that people with dogs have better mental health in comparison to people who do not own dogs. 

Not only this but many types of research have shown that dogs even possess the ability to cure mental diseases that their humans are suffering from.

3. Dogs and our heart

Having a dog directly means getting a lot of exercise. Walking and other exercises are great for the overall well-being of a person. Walking also helps in keeping our blood and sugar levels on track. Thus all of these points assure that a person who owns a dog is very likely to have great heart health in comparison to people who do not have a dog.

Thus, in addition to the previous point, dogs not only can improve our mental health and cure our mental diseases, but dogs also can strengthen our heart health and cure our heart diseases.

4. Healthy and longer life with the dogs

From the above two points, it may be very clear that owning a dog has various physical and mental health benefits for us. Thus, it is proved that owning a dog contributes to a decrease in the risk of mortality(due to any reason) an approx of 25%.

5. Dogs teach us various social and mental skills

Owning a dog comes with great responsibility. While bringing up a dog, a person learns various social skills like patience, interaction, dedication, cooperation, etc, Also, dogs help us in increasing our mental skills as we develop new ways of teaching as well as learning while being with them.

6. Dogs make us understand ourselves better

Dogs are like our children. They are a mirror of the personality of their human beings. It is very commonly said that there are no bad dogs, just bad owners. This is true for a reason. Dogs behave in the same way which they are taught. The environment that they live in affects their behavior adversely. 

Thus, if you are a dog parent and you see your dog behaving badly, then you know that the reason for his behavior is YOU.

7. Dogs are great companions

A companion, or having someone’s company is very important in the life of a person. But it is not necessary that the companion can only be in the form of a person. 

When no one is there for you, your dog will be the only one who will be at your side no matter what. Thus, people who live alone, or are lonely from the inside can get access to a great companion, who is loyal and fun as well, in the form of a DOG.

8. Dogs teach us to love without conditions

I will never get tired of saying this line that the love that our dogs provide us is unconditional and unmatchable as well. There are no conditions for the love, care, and affection that our dogs provide us with. 

Let us clear this point even more imagining a situation where you slap your friend. You will have a huge fight for sure! Also, there are very less chances that you will be friends again.

But now, imagine this situation replacing your dog with your friend (just imagine! Do not even try hitting your dog, no matter what the situation is). How do you think your dog is going to react? Will, he not love you anymore, or will leave you alone, or, will he hit you back? I think I do not need to answer this question as you may have already received an answer to it.


The points listed above were more than enough to answer the question ‘why is a dog our best friend? Wait! Let me correct this statement first, besides being a man’s best friend, dogs are also a woman’s best friend. It is very clear that whoever said this line- ‘Diamonds are a Woman’s best friend, never owned a dog.

Why does any person need a best friend when they have their dog their side?

Or else, Who needs a bunch of friends if you have a dog best friend your side?

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