In this blog, you will read about the importance Of vaccination for stray dogs. This is just a part of how to help stray dogs.

Yaad hai aapko voh bachpan ke teeke, ha vahi injection jisko lagvane ke baad 15 din dard rehta tha! They are called vaccinations.

Vaccinations protect you from acquiring any diseases. Diseases can hamper the growth of your newly formed immune system and could also lead to death.

Kya Hua! Death word sunke darr gaye? Well! It is completely true.

A child should be properly vaccinated during his infancy stage. It falls between birth to two years of age. He or she may not be able to achieve proper growth and development. 

Are bacpan ki baato ko toh shayad bhul gaye honge…! Abhi recent me konsi vaccine lagvai hai? Btao btao…!

Just like human babies, we should properly vaccinate dogs as well.

Most of the pet dogs have complete vaccination and are healthy.  It is not at all surprising. But when it comes to stray dogs, the situation is very different.

It is very much possible that most of the stray dogs in your locality may not be completely vaccinated or may not be vaccinated at all. Well! This is because people are unaware of the importance of vaccinating stray dogs. However, vaccinating stray dogs will not only be beneficial for stray dogs. It will also be beneficial for human beings around them as well.

Importance of vaccinating Stray Dogs

As we all know that stray dogs are more prone to various diseases and problems. This is because they live on the streets. Also, they do not have someone who can always pay attention to them.

We should properly vaccinate stray dogs. This will help them in preventing from acquiring any kind of disease or illness. Which may in turn lead to major complications.

Vaccines contain various types of antigens that mimic the diseases which cause microorganisms. However, they do not cause diseases.

The main purpose of vaccinating stray dogs is to gradually stimulate their immune system so that they can recognize the presence of antigens.

Do you remember the practice tests that your teacher would take before the actual examination? 

Vaccination is similar to it. It is like practicing questions that can be asked in the main test. If a person solves those questions in the practice test, then it will not be difficult for him to solve them in the actual test.

Similarly, if properly vaccinated, then the immune system of the vaccinated dog gets exposed to that disease then it will recognize the disease and thus be prepared to fight it.

How to vaccinate stray dogs

When we take our pet dogs for vaccination, to the vet, there are usually eight vaccines. Those include core vaccines and non-core vaccines given to our dogs.

These include

  • Canine Parvovirus
  • Canine Distemper
  • Hepatitis
  • Rabies
  • Leptospirosis
  • Bordetella
  • Dog flu
  • Lyme vaccine

However, it will be very difficult for anyone to vaccinate strays using all these vaccines. Therefore, there is a seven-in-one vaccine that is available on the market. It can smoothly facilitate the procedure of vaccinating stray dogs.

The seven-in-one vaccine includes all the above-listed vaccines except for the rabies vaccine. 

To vaccinate the strays in your area, you can give them a shot of the seven-in-one vaccine along with a rabies shot. This will make sure that they are properly vaccinated and are good to go now.

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