It’s very common for dog owners to use treats as rewards for training their puppies or dogs. We are sure you must have tried this at least once in your life. And to everyone’s surprise, this technique works well. 

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Lalach buri bala hai,” but it’s not that buri ball in this case. We can teach our puppies new tricks and techniques using treats and rewards. But do not forget that there can be exceptions as well. In some cases, treats and rewards are of no use for training our puppies and dogs.

In some cases, the owners are not able to teach and train their dogs. Instead, the dog teaches the owner how to give him treats. In this situation, the dog will only perform an action whenever he is given a treat. He won’t be performing actions or doing tricks if he is not being given a treat.

Don’t be stressed; we are here with the solution to your problem. All you need to do is take control of the situation. You need to handle things mindfully. You should be in command of the situation, not your dog. Also, keep in mind that giving treats is not the only way to reward. You can also reward your dog with kind words, praise, love, and affection.

Tips to use Treats & Rewards while training a dog

1. Timing is everything

You need to be consistent while training your dog. But you do not need to be consistent while treating your dog. You may be aware that treats and rewards work best when they are unexpected. Hence, make sure that you reward only one behavior at a time.

2. Match rewards to the actions performed

We recommend that you limit the number of treats you give your puppy. Consider giving your dog small treats for small actions. Similarly, when your puppy does something big, consider giving him a large portion of the treat.

3. Have a variety of rewards

It is not mandatory to reward your puppy only with a treat. You can choose anyone from the following alternatives:

  1. You couldn’t take your dog to the park 
  2. You can play your dog’s favorite game with him
  3. You can reward your puppy gifting him his favorite toy
  4. Reward your puppy with his favorite treats
  5. Hug your puppy, cuddle with him, and praise him with a lot of kind words

4. Use food treats wisely for rewarding

In the above paragraph, there were alternatives that you could use for rewarding your puppy. But we recommend that you use food treats wisely as a form of reward. Rewarding your puppy with food treats will undoubtedly strengthen your bond with him. But you need to keep in mind that the main goal of rewarding him is to get him to listen to you (with or without a treat).


These are some ideas to consider when using treats as rewards. These ideas are simple yet practical. We recommend you try these tips at least once. Also, do read our blog How Do I Teach My Puppy Basic Commands.

Please let us know your viewpoints in the comment section.

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