Hii I’m Tuffy. I’m here to tell you all my story that may inspire others. I found a loving home on 20 September 2022. But before that, my life was a living hell. My old owner used me for breeding purposes and never loved me. I suffered a lot in those years.

This is how I met my humans.

My siblings wanted a pet dog since always. And in September, mum agreed to have one. Everyone desperately started to find a doggo, when they’ll found a page of a rescue shelter from Lucknow. Its name was @happy_tails_of_lucknow. My siblings immediately contacted the owner and he said that he has just rescued a Lhasa apso, who urgently needs a home.

There was a big problem at that time, that non of the family members were in Lucknow at that moment and the adoption needed to be sudden. So, everyone came to a conclusion and I was kept at the relatives’ house, where I was adored for my intelligence, But I was very stinky, and my hairs were all matted. I really enjoyed the time in my relatives’ home, but somewhere I also knew that this is not my real home. My relatives did video calls to some people, who called me “Tuffy” on it in a very loving manner.

After 3 days, my real owners arrived. I was standing alone at the front gate & then out of nowhere someone crashed in saying Tuffyyyy! and I also started to shower all my love with licks and hugs.  Everyone said that Tuffy somehow already knew that the real owner is coming .  They stayed a few days there with me and got me groomed, where I was literally shaved throughout due to my extremely matted hair.

The vet said that I was also suffering from tick fever and there were maggots near my eyes.  I got my medicines there and all my wounds are fine now. There is no mark of the past in my present body.  After that, we all came to our real house, which is pretty small but I go for long walks 2 times a day and that’s fine. I am adored here for everything. Everyone loves me and I made many friends.

Life can turn upside down at any moment, you just need to believe in god.

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