Let me tell you the story of Tootoo from birth till the present. I was going for tuition, then I saw a small puppy run over a car. That puppy was very badly injured. Then it will be about 30 days old. I felt very sad for her. Blood was coming out of her mouth & feet. She was crying. Seeing all these tears come into mah eyes and I thought of taking her home. I put it in a small bag and took it to my home. I was afraid that my family members would scold me. But she was very lucky, no one scolded me. I got her treated. After 2-3 days, I thought that I would bring her two brothers & her mother home along with her. I did the same.

But I was sad when her one brother died after a few days and another at the age of 8 months. After 2 months, Tootoo was cured but she had lost her paw. My family had permission to keep her home but there was a condition that I would pay for her food. Because the financial condition of my family is not good. I thought what to fill the stomach of one dog, I can do it. But after 1 year, Tootoo gave birth to 5 pups. I asked people for their adoption but no one avail. I took care of all my scholarship money. Then I also got the Tootoo sterilized. Presently Tootoo & her 3 pups. Tootoo-5 years old & all three-4 years. All are pieces of my life. It seems they all are my life.

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