The previous blogs covered Reasons for dog Aggression and How to Control Dog Aggression. There are different reasons and types for aggression. In this blog, we will discuss the solutions for different types of dog aggression. 

The reason for aggression differs from dog to dog. There are various types of aggression that are seen in dogs. Also, there may be specific situations in which your dog might behave aggressively.

Their aggression could be possibly towards

  1. Their owners
  2. Cats or other animals
  3. Unknown people or strangers
  4. Anyone interrupting them while eating

However, it may or may not be possible for a dog to behave aggressively in all the above-listed situations.

Is your dog also aggressive? What is his aggression towards? Trying to find a solution for controlling his aggression?

Come let us study these situations and their solutions as well.

Hope you will find the answers to your question over here!

Solutions For Different Types of Dog Aggression

Situation 1: Aggression toward the owner

There cannot be a situation worst than a dog being aggressive toward its owner.

Dogs are known for their loyalty and the unconditional love that they give to their owners. However, you don’t need to take the situation very personally. 

You must have personally experienced some situations when you are not able to control yourself. You burst out on your family members or even your friends sometimes. But I guess it is completely acceptable. Even your family or friends do not take it personally. 

You are also supposed to act the same when your dog shows you aggression or behaves aggressively towards you. There could be some specific reason why your dog might be behaving aggressively with you. It could be possibly due to some pain or illness.

Try to understand your dog. Treat him with love and affection. Try to cure his pain. Ensure him of the fact that you will always be with him, no matter what the situation may be.

Situation 2: Aggression towards cats or other animals 

It may be possible that your dog may be aggressive towards cats or other animals present near. It could be possibly due to some bad experience in the past.

Socializing their pet right from the puppy stage will stop the development of aggression in dogs.

Also, being a dog owner, it is your responsibility to avoid any kind of mishappening.

Situation 3: Aggression towards strangers

It may be possible that your dog may be friendly towards you and other animals. However, being aggressive towards strangers or showing aggression to people other than his owner is quite normal. It may be due to protectiveness or possessiveness. Your dog might be protective of you or maybe possessive of you.

In this case, you need to understand who is your dog aggressive towards. It is specifically men, women, children, or all of them instead.

Make use of positive enforcement to stop your dog from behaving aggressively. Also, do not let strangers directly approach your dog. Make them respect your dog’s personal space. 

Once you are confident enough about your dog, gradually introduce him to strangers or people whom he has never seen before. 

Situation 4: Aggression towards people interrupting while the dog is eating his food

It may be possible that your fur ba does not believe in sharing is caring.

However, you are the one who’s at fault. You should have taught him this right from the puppy stage.

Touching your puppy while he’s eating his food and feeding him with your own hands can be the solution to this situation.

These tips make sure that your puppy will never act aggressively towards anyone who interrupts him while he’s eating his food.

However, it may be possible that your adult dog is aggressive towards people or even you when you interrupt him while he’s eating his food. In this situation, start feeding your dog with your own hands. You can even try putting food on your hand and letting him eat from your hand itself.

Once you are confident about him, you can touch your dog while he is eating the food. This will help you in controlling his aggressiveness towards food.

There could be more situations. Let us know if you have a solution for dog aggression.

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