In this Blog, we will discuss the Reasons For Aggression In Dogs.

Ever been a dog parent? Yes! Then I’m sure that at least once in your life, you must have experienced your dog being aggressive.

Ever wondered what can be the reasons for aggression in dogs?

Before discussing the reasons for aggression in dogs, let us first understand what aggression in dogs means!

Dogs and Aggression!

It is very common that whenever someone says that their dog is aggressive, people may usually perceive that their dog bites. However, biting is not the only sign of aggression in dogs. Aggression is a much wider topic. Growling or attacking people or even other animals with or without a reason can also be a  sign of aggression in a dog.

The most important point is to understand the reasons for aggression in your dog.

What are the things that make your dog aggressive?

What triggers your dog?

Some dogs become so aggressive that they are identified and introduced as aggressive dogs.

Whereas the truth is aggression is just a part of their behavior.

They behave aggressively and that is why people perceive that they are aggressive dogs.

There can be different possibilities or reasons that may make your dog aggressive. Let us get to know about some of them:-

Reasons for Aggression in Dogs

1. Suffering from some pain or illness

Pain or illness can be one of the reasons that your dog is behaving aggressively. A dog may sometimes not be able to convey or show its pain and problems to its owners. Also, their owners may not be able to see or notice that their dog has some problem or is in pain. In this type of situation, it is very common for a dog to develop aggression.

Just like human beings, pain leads to frustration in dogs. Sometimes the situation gets out of hand and the dog is not able to bear the pain. In this case, as a result of pain and suffering, a dog starts developing aggression

2. Scared of something 

Fear is a common reason for aggression in dogs. Your dog can be scared of any specific thing. It might be water, fire, wind, any kind of noise, or even a balloon. When your dog is scared of something, he will try to show aggression towards it to overcome it.

3. Dogs get aggressive to establish dominance

It is very much possible that a dog wants to be dominant over you. This could be the reason why he shows you aggression. However, it is very common for dogs to act dominant over their owners. They tend to behave aggressively to practice dominance. 

Some dogs prefer to be dominant over other people and other animals as well. To establish their dominance over the people and the animals present around them, they make use of aggressive behavior.

4. Protective and possessive of you

Dogs may also show signs of aggression to protect you or show possession of you. Aggressive behavior in this situation is just a method that dogs use to convey their feelings.

Dogs may be willing to protect their territory or maybe possessive about their owners and that is why they show aggression to convey their feelings. They may simply get jealous of others getting too close to their owners and thus, behave aggressively. 

5. You behave aggressively with your dog

Do not forget that your dogs mirror you. 

The behavior of your dog completely depends on how you treat him. A dog will behave in a way similar to the environment in which he is surrounded. A patient and dedicated owner will raise a well-behaved dog. 

On the other hand, a violent and strict owner will raise an aggressive dog.

The bringing up of a dog plays an important role in deciding his behavior. There may be situations that eventually made him aggressive.

Some owners are too strict with their dogs. Some even make use of violence to discipline their dogs. When the dog is not able to cope with its owner’s behavior, it tends to develop aggression.


Aggression is just a behavior present in your dog. Also, there are different reasons for aggression in dogs. Some dogs might be aggressive due to suffering from pain while others may be aggressive because of their owner’s mistakes.

This was about Reasons For Aggression In Dogs. We also have blogs on How To Control Dog Aggression. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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