Never Hit A Stray Dog

Do you agree with this statement that We should never hit a stray dog?

Well! Everyone witnessed someone doing the same?

If yes…how did you react to it? How did you manage that situation?

Well! Let me tell you about some legal laws and restrictions that were formed in favour of animals.

Laws and Restrictions in Favour of Animals

1. There is no law that is against animal feeding. No matter where the person lives, he has the full right to feed animals. 

2. According to the court, helping and feeding strays is a part of social service. Also, anyone who tries to threaten or harass people for feeding animals is violating the laws.

3. In 2007, the Bombay High Court suggested that societies adopt stray dogs and take care of them. 

4. According to article 51A(g), every citizen should be compassionate about all living creatures. Thus, if any person shows any objection or tries to stop other people from feeding strays, can be filed for going against article 51A(g).

5. It is a crime to hit or hurt any animal, according to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960.

6. According to Section 428 and Section 429 of the Indian Penal Court, it is a crime to kill or injured any animal.

From all the laws and points listed above, it must have been clear that cruelty against animals is not at all acceptable. However, despite all these laws and restrictions, there are still many cases of animal killing and cruelty.

There are a lot of strays out there who are in deliberate pain. All thanks to HUMANS.

Ok… let us keep strays aside and think about ourselves. 

Well, why should we build bad karma for ourselves?

Upar jaakr usko bhi toh jawaab dena hai!

Stray Dogs Need Us!

My only request to everyone is that if you can not help these animals in need or if you do not want to help them, it’s fine. It is your choice. But at least do not create any more problems for them. 

You can’t feed them? No problem, please do not stop others from feeding them at least.

Please don’t hit them and try to stop others from hitting them, if possible.

You can not heal them? No problem. But at least do not hurt them.

in case you are willing to help street dogs, you may refer to how to take care of stray dogs.

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