Everyone has a story to tell but my story started with bluffy! When I was in 12 standard …I was dealing with depression due to CBSE +2 boards and my parent’s told me to score more than 95% in +2.

I was having a lot of pressure from my studies and I am a single girl child of my parents so it was kinda obvious. I was not having anyone with whom I can share my emotions.. those nightmares always harass me every night. I was all alone…so I decided to adopt Bluffy 

When I went to adopt bluffy !! He was lying on the street and I was like why? He is too small when I talk to the breeders they said they don’t want this dog as he is very very weak and no one is buying him !! Then I said to them I want to adopt him…and they were like we are not giving you the dog free of cost you have to pay 8000 for that!! My parents were not supporting me to adopt a dog!! So I spend all my pocket money on him and now he is my everything

He is truly the best thing that has happened to our family. He has brought such joy and happiness to our once quiet household…we can’t even imagine life without his sappy kisses and playful howls.

His favourite things are a fluffy white blanket and a raccoon plushie he likes to snuggle up to if he’s not lying on my chest giving me hugs and kisses. I could not ask for a more affectionate and loving dog. He loves his treats and gazing out the windows and has the sweetest little meow you’ve ever heard. Very happy to have him as part of the family.

didn’t know what to expect adopting a puppy that I never met, but when I saw Bluffys’ face  I knew I needed to bring him home. 2 years later, he’s matured into an incredible dog with fantastic manners and amazing intelligence! He has a fan club in our neighbourhood (always willing to say hi for a treat), along with a ton of friends at the local dog park. Many people refer to him as “The Mayor” since he’s always welcoming to new pups and loves to get them warmed up to playing with the big guys. His other hobbies include sleeping in the picture window, rolling down the hill in our backyard, going for hikes, and stealing the neighbour’s newspaper.

BLUFFY also provides emotional support to my parents, especially my mother who was working in the public health field until she retired in July 2021. As the director of Suffolk County’s Health Department health services and education program, she was at the head of contact tracing and getting education about COVID-19 to the public. Over the last year and a half, I saw my mom work Christmas and other holidays, working 13-hour days to provide support and help with contact tracing. I watched as the stress ate away at her and was often concerned for her physical and mental health, BLUFFY has helped my mom find joy again. I now watch her bounce out of bed as bluffy wiggles up to her, ready to start the day. The life and light are back in her eyes, too.

Now I am having somebody with whom I can share my emotions, and yeah how can I forget those licks and kisses on my face? My life was changed when I got bluffy home.


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