Hello Friends. The story that I am going to tell is about my Bella. Let’s get started!

To my surprise, I remember the exact date as well. It was 23rd June 2021. It was the first day that we saw Bella. Some stranger abandoned her outside our home at 5 a.m. We literally had no idea about that stranger. But, we were so shocked—how could someone do such a cruel thing?

Bella was not more than 1 month old when she got abandoned in front of our house. She was looking so innocent and shy that we couldn’t leave her alone. Our hearts did not give us permission to ignore such an innocent soul. We initially decided to bring her to our home. We did not take much time in deciding to adopt her. Well, that was the best day of our life on which we made the best decision.

We didn’t know at first that she was female. Papa took her to the vet for the vaccinations. The vet told me that she is a female. Momma denied adopting her as she was a female. We were so broken after hearing the decision. We could feel our world falling apart.

We three siblings began crying uncontrollably. You may take it as a joke, but Bella is our love at first sight. I said, “Mumma, me and my sister are also female, please throw us out of the house.”

We couldn’t give her to anybody, but still, we decided to hand Bella over to someone. It was June 25, and someone was coming to take her at 8 p.m. As soon as I heard this, I cried loudly. Even my sister and my brother started crying. Hearing us cry, Papa got angry with Mumma. Mumma was fond of cats. She gives milk to the cats every day. Papa said if Bella will go, I will not allow you to feed the cats. At that moment, Mumma got emotional and agreed to adopt Bella. That was the moment, Bella came into our lives. She has filled our lives with happiness. I wish she gets all the happiness she deserves. I wish she would let my age too. We love u soooooo muchhhhhh Bellaa!!


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