In this blog, we will learn how to understand your dog. We all know that dogs cannot speak. If dogs could speak, we don’t think that we would ever be friends with other human beings. we really wish dogs could speak.

What about you?

However, even with this fact, dogs find a way to communicate with us. All we have to do is understand them.

According to studies, it is proven that dogs have an IQ of a toddler. Either adult dogs or puppies fail to express and understand emotions like an adult. It simply means that they are not able to properly express their emotions. Moreover, they do not understand complex emotions like guilt, pride, shame, etc.

However, we dog owners still cherish this form of non-verbal communication. Our dogs show their love and emotions expressing them in the form of actions. And so do we. Those expressions can be in the form of kissing, petting, cuddling, etc.

That is the reason behind the saying, “Actions speak louder than words”

Listed below are some tips that will help in developing a better understanding between both- The Dog Owner and The Dog.

Tips for developing a better understanding between the owner and the dog

1. Facial Expressions

Nature gifted our dogs with the ability to read and understand our facial expressions. Studies have proved that dogs are very good at reading and understanding the facial gestures of their owners.

Can you recall that cute innocent face after chewing up on the sofa? Or those cute little puppy eyes that are directly demanding a treat?  

That cute little innocent face is a way of getting forgiveness. Whereas those puppy eyes are for getting their demands fulfilled.

Yes. That’s how our dogs give different facial expressions. It is just a way of communicating with us. 

Hence, facial expressions are a great way of developing a better understanding between the owner and the dog.

2. Positive Body Language

Just like facial expressions, dogs are also good at understanding the body language of their owners. Body language plays an important role in developing the understanding between a dog and its owner. Your dog can easily judge you based on your body language. They will know when you want to play with them and when not.

Moreover, you must have heard that dogs learn a lot from their owners. They try to mirror their owners. Dogs behave and reflect what they’ve been taught. The environment that they live in also affects their behavior. Thus, your positive body language will encourage your dog to behave positively. 

3. Eye Contact

Here comes one of the most important features that help in developing an understanding between the dog owner and the dog. Yes, it’s eye contact.

Dogs are blessed with a lot of things nature. One of them is to express their emotions through their eyes. A dog can reflect the following emotions through their eyes-

  • Happiness and cheerful
  • Stressed
  • Threatened or scared
  • Anger
  • Sorrow
  • Guilt 

Well, this is a lot, we guess. The main thing is that the dog owner should be able to understand all these emotions. If not, they will be of no use to both the owner and the dog.

Dogs are also blessed with the ability to differentiate between different eye contact. Strong eye contact can make a submissive dog feel intimidated. On the other hand, the same eye contact can make a dominant dog feel challenged. 

4. Dog Time

Time is the most important factor for building and developing any relationship. If two individuals start spending more time with each other, their relationship also tends to develop. 

The case is the same with our dogs. Time plays an important role in developing a better understanding between the owner and the dog. The more time we spend with our dog, the more we will be able to understand each other better.

Some ways of spending time with a dog can be

  • Regular walks and physical exercises.
  • Sleeping or cuddling together.
  • Playing indoor games such as hide and seek.
  • Eating together, obviously from different plates.

All these activities, when done together, will help improve the bond between the dog owner and the dog. They will build and nurture the unconditional relationship between the two. 


This was all about how to understand your dog better. You must have heard that dogs do speak, but only to those who can listen. Well, we would like to change this statement a little bit.  “Dogs do speak, but not to those who listen, but to those who understand them.”

We hope you agree with the reconstructed statement. Do you? 

Let us discuss Dog Socialization as well. This will also help us understand them more.

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