I have good and bad news for you. The good news is PUPPY and the bad news is also PUPPY. Just kidding! Having puppies can never be Bad news. However, how to train a puppy seems a daunting task.

Instead of the fact that the puppy stage is the hardest stage for a dog owner, our fur babies are still the greatest blessings of our lives. It is our job to train our puppy.

Dogs are very good at learning, especially when they are at their puppy stage. However, their owners play an important role in making them learn new things. It completely depends on us to make the training sessions enjoyable or boring instead.

Here are some tips that you can follow while training your puppy. These tips will help you in ensuring that your puppy enjoys the training session and learns the most out of it.

Tips To Train A Puppy

1. Start early to train a puppy

The time when your puppy is at his puppy stage, his brain constantly grows and develops. He is capable of learning and grabbing new things. This is the point where his mind acts very dynamically.

Try to train your puppy from day one of him entering your house. This will provide your puppy with a whole new world of experiences and make him capable of learning new things as soon as possible.

Also, starting early will help you in understanding the capabilities and suitabilities of your puppy.

2. Be consistent while training your puppy

Consistency is the key to success. 

To ensure that your puppy is well-trained, you need to be consistent. You should be very dedicated to the training of your puppy. Having a training session one day and skipping it the other day will not work.

Also, make use of simple and similar words every time so that it is easy for your puppy to understand them.

In addition, try to encourage your family members to make use of the exact words which you use in your training sessions. This will help your puppy in learning words faster.

3. Do not be strict or make use of violence

Your puppy’s mind is just like soft clay. You can mold it however you want it. Training is a gradual process, and so is learning. Your puppy is trying his best to learn and grab new things. He is also trying hard to adjust to this new environment. Make sure you are consistent and dedicated to training him. Also, never be too strict with him.

There might be chances when

  • Your puppy chews the furniture of the drawing room.
  • Urinates in every part of the house.
  • Chews on your favorite shoes. 
  • Tears your favorite dress.
  • Rips of the mat.
  • Runs away with food from your plate 

And whatnot!

No matter, what the situation may be, never use violence toward your puppy. Try to handle things with love and affection even in the situations listed above. Learn patience and forgiveness.

Instead of violence, one thing that you can do is make use of a strong voice and words like ‘NO’. This will help the dog in understanding that he has done something undesirable. He is wrong and is not expected to do such things.

4. Keep the training session as brief as possible

Do not try to make your puppy learn all the things in one day. Learning and understanding are gradual processes. They will take time but will happen soon.

Keep your training sessions short and fun. Make your puppy enjoy his training sessions. A short session will ensure that your puppy will enjoy it. He may take it as a sport instead of taking it as punishment.

You can go for short and frequent training sessions, that is multiple training sessions in one day. Make sure you repeat the training sessions frequently. This will ensure proper learning and understanding of your ba.

5. Reward your puppy for his good behavior

It is essential to let your puppy know when is he wrong and when is right. This is one of the most important parts of the training process. Making use of a strong voice and strong words like no etc. will help him in understanding that he has done something undesirable.

On the other hand, to appreciate him or let him know that he has done something good, you can reward your puppy with a treat. This will encourage him to do good in the greed of a treat.

Do not give proper treats to him. The treat could be in the form of low-calorie snacks. It can also be dog treats broken into multiple pieces. Also make use of verbal appreciation, constant petting, and show love and affection towards your dog whenever he does something good.

This will make him understand that he has done something good. He will get to know that these things are the reason that he is being appreciated. Treats and appreciation will sum up as an incentive for your puppy. They will encourage your puppy to repeat his good behavior to get appreciated or for treats, as well.

6. Enroll your puppy in a puppy school

You may be a first-time dog owner and may never have experienced being with a puppy!  In this situation, It is very common to feel that you are not able to control or handle your puppy.  Or it may even be possible that your puppy is very persistent and stubborn. And even with the fact that you have been with dogs, you are still not able to train your puppy.

In both situations, the only option left is to enroll your puppy in a puppy school.

There are different types of teachers available in the puppy school who know how to deal with every problem of puppies. They train your puppy according to the way you desire him to be!

Puppy schools are not only great for training your puppies. But they are also great for letting your puppies socialize from a very early age. Puppy schools make your puppies habitual to a different kind of environment, different puppies, and different human beings as well.


It is very important to properly train a puppy during the initial stages of his life. This will enable him in spending the rest of his life desirably. Training and play are the keys to the proper development and growth of a puppy. It is possible enough that a well-behaved puppy will grow into a happy and balanced dog.

Also, training will make the dog owner’s life easy as well. We also have a separate blog on how to potty train a puppy. you may read that as well to make your life easier.


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