You may be aware that dogs live in packs. We have mentioned this point in almost all of our blogs. Moreover, living in packs is not an easy task. One needs to be disciplined and focused on it. We all believe that basic commands to puppy are required for this.

Dogs are highly intelligent and thoughtful creatures. It is a fact. They are blessed with great catching power. Moreover, the puppy stage is the best time in a dog’s life to teach him some basic commands. 

There is no doubt that the puppy stage is the most difficult. But during the puppy stage, you can teach your dog many things. Teaching your dog basic commands like sit, come, and no is one of them. A well-trained puppy will live a healthy and happier life. Hence, it is very important to teach your puppy some basic commands

Many new dog parents are not able to teach their puppies basic commands. This is because they lack the experience of having a dog. But there’s nothing to be concerned about. We have solutions to all your problems. There is a step--step guide that will help you teach your puppy some basic commands.

How to teach a puppy some basic commands

1. Use short words

Do not use long sentences for teaching your puppy a command. Remember, he’s just a ba. Prefer using short words while training your puppy. Selecting a particular word like “come,”  “sit,” or “go” will work the best. It will be much easier for your puppy to understand them.

2. Watch your tone

Try to maintain the same tone throughout the training session. Do not use a combination of tones while teaching your puppy. This may confuse him. He may not be able to tell whether you are scolding him or praising him.

3. Keep sessions short

Try to keep your training specials short. Keep them between 5 and 15 minutes. Make certain that you do not extend any training session for more than 15 minutes. Long sessions may lead to boredom.  Whereas short sessions may seem fun to your puppy. They will also encourage your puppy to learn new skills.

4. Launch interesting starting

Try to launch the training session with an interesting start. You can either start playing some games 0r make your puppy do some playful exercises. This will both physically and mentally benefit your puppy. Also, remember to praise your puppy for each exercise he performs.

5. Be the leader

You need to make sure that you are the leader of the pack. It is you who instructs the puppy, not the puppy who instructs you. Guide your puppy to follow your instructions. Say no wherever necessary. Do not let those puppy eyes fool you. This will strengthen your position as a group leader. 


These are some tips that will help you teach some basic commands to your puppy. Give these a try. We are sure you will find these tips helpful. These tips also help in grooming your pets.

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