Diwali brings joy to our lives! It is a festival of lights that lights up our lives! However, it is not the same case for our dogs, especially strays. The festival of Diwali is traumatic for stray dogs. So, how to protect stray dogs during Diwali?

Stray dogs experience the worst things during Diwali. 

Great disturbance due to the loud noises of firecrackers.

The problems in breathing caused due to all the smoke exerted crackers.

Itching and irritation in the eyes

Burns caused hot crackers


We consider Diwali to be the festival of lights. Ironically, it becomes the festival of darkness for our stray dogs. 

There is nothing for them to get excited about during the festive season of Diwali! Instead, stray dogs have to face many problems during Diwali including all of those that are listed above. 

Pet dogs also face various problems during the Diwali season. The only difference is that pet dog owners consider the problems of their dogs! They find out solutions for the same. Pet dog owners try their best to comfort and relax their fur babies. But, it is the stray dogs who get neglected. All the problems faced them are neglected just the way they get neglected society.

It breaks my heart to see strays suffering from different problems during the festive season of Diwali. On one hand, we are celebrating the festival of Diwali, happily! On the other side, strays and other creatures are suffering because of our celebrations.

Sad! Isn’t it…

I really could not keep my calm anymore! 

I have simply decided to protect stray dogs this Diwali and for Upcoming Diwalis! 

Here are some tips listed below that will help me in taking care of strays during the festival of Diwali! 

  1. I will not burst crackers and will encourage a no-firecrackers Diwali.
  2. I will try to give shelter to as many strays as possible.
  3. I will feed the strays and keep them hydrated.
  4. I will clean up my area myself.
  5. I will keep an emergency kit with me.
  6. I will keep all the important contacts Handy.

Let me explain these points to you! But the condition is that you will have to follow these as well! 

Batao? Manzoor hai?  

Ok! Let me explain the above-listed tips to you! These will help you in taking care of strays during Diwali!

How to Protect Stray Dogs During Diwali

1. Say No to Crackers 

This Diwali and for all upcoming Diwali, I have made a rule that I will not burst even one firecracker. We all know how harmful firecrackers are. Not only to dogs but to human beings and the environment as well. This initiative of mine will not only be beneficial to stray dogs but will also benefit the environment and human beings as well.

Isse khete hai ek teer se do nahi teen nishane!

I promise to not burst crackers ever. Not for dogs, not for the environment, but for me and my future generation as well.

2. Give shelter to protect stray dogs

My house is not very big, but my heart is! My heart has so much place for stray dogs that the space in my house won’t even matter! It will be a matter of a few days only. Being a dog lover, I can at least do this much for my stray dogs. 

I will try my level best to provide shelter to all the strays in my area till the festive season of Diwali gets over. But I think there would be some strays left that may not be able to fit in my house. No problem! I will simply ask my friends to shelter them. And I am sure they won’t disagree with it.

This initiative will keep the strays safe during Diwali. They will not be exposed to loud noises and polluted air. This way, the strays will be able to stay healthy!

3. Feed the strays and keep them hydrated

After bringing the strays to my house for sheltering, they will be completely my responsibility. I will be responsible for taking proper care of them, feeding them, and keeping them hydrated. Well! I will be doing the same. 

I will properly feed the stray dogs with appropriate food. Also, I will make sure that they are always provided with fresh water to keep them hydrated.

Well! Just for additional information- I would like to tell you that I will not stop feeding stray dogs even after the festive season of Diwali gets over. They are strays! They do not have anyone, in particular, to care for them. It is our responsibility to at least provide basic amenities like food and drinking water to the strays of our area. 

4. Clean your area to protect stray dogs

It is not surprising that the streets are filled with burnt crackers and other stuff after Diwali Night. Just because I decided not to burn crackers, it does not mean that nobody in my area will burn crackers! However, all the residue will be there lying on the streets. 

You must be knowing that stray dogs have a habit of sniffing, chewing, and eating stuff that they find around them. Well! They are not at fault! The reason is – they are simply DOGS!

But instead of waiting for the government cleaner to come and clean the streets, I will myself clean up the area. I know that many of my friends will be joining me in this! Burnt crackers are way too harmful to dogs. There are chances of various infections and even death if any dog chews or eats burnt crackers.

I cannot afford to take this risk. I will feel no shame in cleaning the area myself. Instead, I will be proud that I can do something for stray dogs!

5. Keep an emergency kit to protect stray dogs

I will make sure that I take all the precautions for keeping stray dogs safe and healthy during Diwali. In addition, I  will do whatever is required to help them. 

However, there may be some emergency at a time. But I will be prepared for that as well. I will keep an emergency kit with me. That emergency kit will include all the required medicines, solutions, and tools that may be required. 

I cannot bear any risk during the festival of Diwali. After all, it is about my stray dogs.

6. Keep all the important contacts Handy

Along with the emergency kit, I will also keep all the important contacts handy. There may be a case of emergency. It may be possible that we have to rush to the vet or instead, call him here. I will be prepared for this situation as well. I will gather all the important contacts. This will save me time, in case,  if an emergency occurs!

By important contacts I mean:

  1. Number of the vet
  2. My friend number who has a lot of knowledge about dogs
  3. My friend who has a vehicle
  4. Number of the dog hospital

I am sure you liked such tips on how to protect stray dogs during Diwali. I request you try your best to take care of stray dogs. also, you may refer to the blog How to celebrate a Dog-Friendly Diwali.

Happy Diwali to All 🙂

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