The previous blog was based on the overall training of a puppy. But this blog is all about how to potty train a puppy. Please keep reading to know about the same

The puppy stage is undoubtedly the toughest and most complex stage for dog parents.

During the puppy stage, there are many problems faced dog parents. Many questions keep on visiting their minds while going through the puppy stage. Some of them include

a. How to potty train a puppy?

b. What should we feed a puppy?

c. Why does my puppy keeps on biting me?

However, the list is pretty long, especially for first-time pet parents.

Every dog has certain characteristics and tastes and preferences. These can be noticed the dog owner when their dog is at the puppy stage.

Every dog has different preferences. Also, each dog has a different way of understanding and learning.

Here are some points which may be proved quite helpful while you are potty training your puppy.

How to Potty Train a Puppy

Before getting to know about the tips on how to potty train a puppy, you need to first know that your puppy will be taking some time to get properly trained. They are not going to learn anything at once.

1. Take your puppy out very frequently

You should take out your puppy very frequently at least once every 2 hours. Also, taking your puppy out just when they wake up will help them in maintaining a routine.

2. Choose a particular bathroom spot

You need to pick a particular bathroom spot for potty training your puppy. This will help your puppy in understanding the routine and developing according to it. Also, gradually your puppy will start recognizing that spot. He will ultimately develop a habit of pooping over there.

3. Schedule your puppy’s feeding routine

If your puppy has a proper feeding schedule then it will not take him much time in developing a potty schedule. You will also start understanding him better. In simple words, regular and consistent feeding will result in a consistent eliminating schedule for your puppy.

4. Avoid overfeeding your puppy during his bedtime

Not only for puppies and dogs but it is recommended even for humans to avoid overeating, especially during bedtime.

Overfeeding or even letting your puppy drink excess water before sleeping can also be a difficulty in the potty training of your dog. This may lead to indigestion and irregular bowel movement at night. It may prove disturbing for your puppy and you as well.

5. Rewards your puppy whenever he poops outside

It’s not only you who is trying hard to establish an eliminating schedule. The fact is that your little puppy is also giving his best in coping with that schedule. Now.. being a pet parent, it is our responsibility to teach our puppy. We should teach him about what is wrong and what is right. We can punish them slightly when they make a mistake. Also, we can reward them whenever they do something good.

Whenever your puppy eliminates outside, you should reward him. It can be in the form of his favorite treats or even in the form of praises and appreciation. This will encourage your puppy to learn positive habits.


The puppy stage is the initial stage of a dog’s life. It is the stage in which around 70% of his total learning takes place. We should remain consistent, patient, and dedicated while potty training a puppy.

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