Hygiene is a very important aspect of everyone’s life that should not be overlooked. People should stay hygienic and also keep their pets hygienic in order to stay healthy. So, in this article, we would discuss how to maintain dog hygiene. It is a very important part of Dog Care

As all pet parents are very well aware that they are closely related to their pets, similarly their pet’s hygiene is also closely related to their own health and their owner’s health. By keeping your pet hygienic, you will ensure that you will also stay healthy. An unhygienic pet may be infected with diseases and may also transfer some of them to their humans.

There are many ways which pet parents can keep their pets hygienic and healthy. 

How to maintain dog hygiene?

1. Regular Brushing to maintain dog hygiene

A dog’s body is covered with hair. Depending upon the breed, some have long and dense hair while some have short hair. However, it is very common that the hair may get dirty, tangled, dry, oily, etc., which may present your dog as dirty.

Regular brushing can go a long way. It will help in removing the dirt present in the hair, help in tangling the detangled hair, and will also remove dead hair if any.

Regular brushing will make your dog’s coat look shiny and healthy as well.

Note:– the term regular brushing, we do not mean excessive brushing on a regular basis. Gently brush your dog’s coat every alternative day using an appropriate comb.

2. Clean the Goop present near the eyes

Sometimes there must be dreaded goop around the eyes of your dog which may be a result of excessive tear discharge that gets collected in his eyes. In order to keep your dog hygienic, make sure you regularly clean the goop present near the eyes of your dog. In order to clean this goop, pet parents can make use of dog tear stain removal which may be easily available at your nearest pet shop.

Home remedies for cleaning your dog’s eye can be making use of a warm cloth and gently rubbing it near the dirty area.

Note:- Do not aggressively or forcefully rub your dog’s eyes as this may lead to irritation or the development of an infection.

3. Regular Ear Cleaning to maintain dog hygiene

Dogs are generally very prone to ear infections. Cleaning your dog’s ears twice a month can reduce the chance of infection and will also add up to keeping your dog hygienic.

 Making use of a cotton swab or a cotton pad can help you in cleaning your dog’s ears. Also, there are various ear-cleaning solutions present in the market which make ear cleaning easier and more fun.

Note:- do not make use of any pointed or sharp objects for cleaning your dog’s ears as they may damage the ear canal and the eardrum as well.

4. Cleaning and Strengthening the teeth

Just like human beings require regular brushing of their teeth, dogs also need it on a regular basis.

Regular brushing of your dog’s teeth will help him in staying more hygienic and will also let him stay away from various dental problems.

Note:- do not brush your dog’s teeth with human toothpaste or toothbrush. There are different kinds of toothpaste available in the market which are formulated for dogs. Also, various types of toothbrushes are also available which are designed specifically for dogs.

5. Trimming the Nails to maintain dog hygiene

In order to keep your dog hygienic, every pet parent should trim their dog’s nails at least once a month.

It is also believed that when dogs go out for a walk or for playing, they themselves file their nails rubbing them on the floor or the road. However, keeping an eye on your dog’s nails and paws will help in keeping your fur ba healthy.

6. Regular Bathing to maintain dog hygiene

Unlike human beings, dogs do not enjoy taking a bath. Instead, a bath never calms down a fur ba but disturbs them a lot. It is noticed that after having a bath, a dog usually gets irritated and a little restless.

However, just like for human beings, bathing is also a part of hygiene for dogs. Bathing helps in removing dirt from your dog’s body and also makes his coat shiny. Another advantage of bathing your dog is that it helps in identifying skin problems if any.

Note:- you should not bathe your dog frequently. Frequently Bathing your dog can lead to skin irritation and can also damage his coat. Twice a month or even once a month( if your dog is not very dirty) is more than enough to keep your dog hygienic.


Keeping your fur babies clean and tidy will not only help them in staying healthy but will also provide you with the same. A healthy and hygienic pet will automatically result in a healthy and hygienic home.

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