In this blog, you will be reading about a few tips on how to keep your dogs warm during winter.

Every dog has various individual differences. Just like human beings, Different dogs have different preferences and choices. Some dogs prefer cold weather and season like winter. Some may like hot or normal weather and seasons like summer and autumn.

It is completely their choice. Pet parents can understand it very well.

However, let us not consider their choices of seasons. It is noticed that dogs seem to be more active, playful, and energetic during the winter season. Some specific breeds like toy breeds are exceptions as they are cold intolerant.

You must be looking for some tips about how to keep your dog warm in the winter season. INDEED, you are at the right place (and page as well).

Here are some tips for dog parents which will help in coping with seasonal changes that occur during the winter season. These tips will surely help dog parents in keeping their dogs during winter.

Tips to Keep your Dogs warm During winters

1. Keep a watch on the temperature

Many dogs are blessed with long as well as thick coats. It acts as a natural warmer for them. On the other hand, some breeds may not have a dense coat or may be hairless. Now, during the winter season, depending upon the breed, the pet parents will have to decide whether their fur ba will be able to stay warm naturally in this temperature or not.

Depending upon the decision and the weather, pet parents can make their dogs wear a coat or a sweater to make them stay warm.

2. Reschedule and limit your dog’s outdoor time

To keep your dog warm during the winter season, you should reschedule their walks to late mornings and early evenings or afternoons. Also, you need to limit your dog’s outdoor time. He should not be left with any other option rather than freezing out in the cold.

Also, you can let your dog out when the sun is shining out loud. This will serve two purposes.

One- Your dog will stay warm, Two- Your dog will receive a good amount of Vitamin D from the sun.

3. Avoid born fires or heaters

Born fires or heaters cannot be counted as a medium of keeping your dog warm during winter. Instead, they may be a threat to your dog’s life.

To keep your dog warm, a pet parent should never make the mistake of letting their dogs go near the born fire or heaters as well. Getting too close to an electric heater may cause burns to your dog. Also, he may get an electric shock as well.

4. Appropriate feeding 

You should remember that warmth comes with an additional layer of coat and not with an additional layer of fat.

Just because it is winter season, you should never overfeed your dog. Overfeeding will only result in your dog developing a layer of fat that is almost useless. Instead, feed your dog appropriately. Feed your dog with foods that are appropriate for the winter season.

All dogs need to stay hydrated, no matter what the season is. 

Thus, along with appropriate feeding, fresh water is also essential. Dogs need to stay properly hydrated. 

This was all about How to Keep Your Dogs Warm During Winter. Do you also wish to know How to Keep Your Dogs Cool During Summer?

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