In this blog, you will be reading about a few tips on how to keep dogs cool during summer.

Dogs are also warm-blooded animals, just like humans. This means that their bodies are capable of regulating their temperature.

In simple words, dogs feel hot during the summer season. Similarly, they feel cold during the winter season. 

Being a pet parent you may notice that your dog becomes less active during the summer season. During summer, dogs get more tired, drowsy, lazy, etc. 

But it is nothing to worry about. This is just because of the summer heat.

However, season changes cannot restrict your dog from having fun or enjoyment. The only condition is that there are some precautions and preventions that dog parents need to follow during different seasons.

Here are some tips for dog parents.  They will help in coping with seasonal changes that occur during the summer season. These tips will surely help dog parents in keeping their dogs active as well as safe during the summer season.

Here you go…!

Tips on How to keep your Dogs Cool during Summer

1. Reschedule your walk schedule

There is excessive heat during the summer season. It would be great if dog parents change their walk schedule. Reschedule your walks to early mornings and late nights. The temperature may be relatively low then.

This will prevent your dog from getting overheated. Also, it will prevent your dog from developing various problems. Your dog may get a fever, or might not eat food properly. 

2. Keep your dog hydrated

Not only for human beings but staying hydrated is also very important for your dog. This will help you in keeping your dog cool during the summer season. Keep your dog properly hydrated. Keep a bowl of fresh water that can be accessed anytime.

Also, when going out, do not forget to carry a water bottle or your dog’s bowl so that they do not have to wait for going home to drink water.

3. Find alternatives for letting out your dog’s energy

Your dogs may be used to getting a lot of physical activities. It can be in the form of walking or even running. During summer, they are not able to take out their energy and this is what develops aggression in them. Thus, a solution to it can be finding other alternatives which will help them in letting their energy out. 

Some alternatives can be

Providing toys to your dog

Proving puzzles and challenges to your dog

Hiding their food and letting them find it sniffing them

4. Never lock your dogs in hot cars

It is a very common activity performed pet parents. They take their dog along with them whenever they are going for some kind of shopping or running errands.

However, when the shops or stores do not allow pets inside their shops, pet parents decide to keep their dogs inside the car till the time they finish their shopping. 

This is one of the cruellest things that a pet parent can do to his fur ba. 

Locking your fur ba inside the car may lead to overheating. It may result in your dog getting a heat stroke.

An alternative to this can be simply not taking your dog along with you. Letting your dog alone in his house for about an hour is way better than locking him inside a hot car for even 10 minutes.


Dogs are no less than our babies. Just like we need to keep ourselves cool during the summer season, our fur babies also require the same. Due to the presence of fur, it is very common for our dogs to feel even hotter than we feel. Thus, if we have taken responsibility for our fur ba then we should make sure that we do it properly.


This was all about how to keep dogs cool during summer. Do you also wish to know how to keep your dogs warm during winter?

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