Instead of sleeping in their own beds, dogs love to sleep on their owners’ beds. No one knows why. They find the couch/ furniture very comfortable and so prefer laying on it. On the one hand, some parents may encourage this behavior. On the other hand, some dog parents do not accept this kind of behavior. They want to keep dog getting off the furniture.

Owners feel irritated when their pet gets on things. This irritation could be due to various reasons. One reason could be dog hair sticking all over the place.

Well, it is completely up to you whether you want to allow your dog on the furniture or not. If you are okay, then all’s well and good. But it’s still okay if you belong to the second category. It is completely your choice to not let your dog on the furniture. But for this, you need to train your dog. You need to teach your dog some commands that will help him understand what you want.

How to keep the dog from getting off the furniture

There are three main steps that will help you.

  1. Find the reason why your dog wants to sit on the furniture 
  2. Be consistent with your dog
  3. Use the “OFF” command 

Come let us discuss these three steps in brief. 

1. Find the reason why your dog wants to sit on the furniture

Before stopping your dog, you need to find out why your dog wants to sit there. There can be various reasons for your dog getting on the furniture.

  1. Your dog may want to be close to you.
  2. He feels comfortable while laying on the furniture.
  3. He probably likes the view of the house while being there.

In this case, you need to gently tell your dog where not to sit. 

2. Be consistent with your dog

You need to be consistent with your dog while training him to get off the furniture. Be clear about what you want. Do not let him get on the furniture whenever you want him close to you. This will confuse him about whether he should be on the furniture or not. He will not be able to tell whether he is doing the right thing or the wrong thing.

3. Use the “OFF” command 

We’ve mentioned in previous blogs that you should use similar words when training your dog. Make use of the “off” command to get your dog off the furniture. This way, he will understand.


It’s totally okay to keep your dog getting off the furniture. However, we recommend that you provide your dog with a comfortable dog bed. Place the bed near his favorite spot or close to the couch. This will discourage him from getting on the bed. There are some more tips we have shared in other blogs like Potty Training Tips.

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