Read this blog and find out ways to help stray dogs in your area.

Are you actually a dog lover?

Imagine yourself passing the street…

Did you find any stray in some kind of distress?

What is the first question that strikes your mind?

All dogs are equally important and loveable in the eyes of actual dog owners. Whenever we dog lovers pass the street and find any stray in distress, our hearts feel immense pain. The only question that comes to our mind is, how can we take care of our stray dogs so that they do not have to face any problems and can live their lives with ease?

Well, for all the dog lovers out there who wish to help stray dogs in their area, here are some simple steps that will help you in achieving your goal.

How to help Stray Dogs?

1. Help stray dogs in staying properly hydrated

You should always make sure that the stray dogs in your area are properly hydrated. It is very important for the proper functioning of their body. 

Dehydration can be fatal to a dog’s body. It does not let the body function properly. Dehydration can also result in laziness. 

You can simply help your stray dog in staying hydrated. Keep a bowl of water in front of your house. Stray dogs will always have access to fresh water. Also, make sure that you regularly change the water.

2. Deworm the stray dogs in your area

Worms enter the stomach of a dog and cause various kinds of gastrointestinal issues. Thus, in order to prevent the dogs from these worms, it is very essential to deworm them.

There are different types of deworming liquids and tablets available on the market. You can consult the vet regarding the dosage and method for deworming stray dogs.

3. Vaccinate the stray dogs in your area

Vaccination is very important for dogs, especially stray dogs. They are prone to many types of diseases which can harm them and human beings also if they get transmitted.

The seven-in-one injection and a rabies shot are two vaccines that need to be given to stray dogs. 

Try to vaccinate all stray dogs in your area in one single day. It will be easy for you to remember their yearly vaccination date. 

4. Get Reflective collars for stray dogs in your area

The reflective collar can be a great step in taking care of stray dogs in your area.

It will basically serve two purposes at once-

a. In case, there are a lot of stray dogs in your area and neighboring, It will help you in identifying that this dog belongs to your area.

b. Reflective collars are those collars that glow in the dark. Thus, reflective collars will help in preventing street accidents as the dogs will now be visible to reckless drivers.

In addition to the above two points, you can use these collars while vaccinating stray dogs in your area. After vaccinating, you can put a collar on the dog.

Thus, it will help you from getting confused between the dog who has been vaccinated and the dog who is still to be vaccinated.

5. Register yourself as a feeder

It is possible that you must have faced people who pass harsh comments, show disagreement, or even come to fight with you for feeding and taking care of stray dogs in your area. Didn’t you?

Well! Here is a solution to it. 

Along with taking care of the strays in your area, protect yourself also from these demons of society. The Animal Welfare Board of India provides you with a Feeder Card, once you register yourself with them. This card provides you with the authority of feeding stray dogs and taking care of them. The law permits this.


Stray dogs are an important part of our society. We should take proper care of them. Just because they are stray dogs and not bred dogs, it does not mean that they do not have the right to live properly.

Just like our pet dogs, they also have the right to live a happy and healthy life. Also, People say that helping a dog won’t change your life. Well! it will definitely change the dog’s life. 

In addition to the above-listed points, you can also adopt an Indian Street Dog to help them.

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