How To Control Dog Aggression

This blog will be about How To Control Dog Aggression. Keep reading to know about the same. 

Some people assume the dog to be naturally aggressive because it belongs to a specific breed. But the fact is no breed is naturally aggressive. Even scientists have proven this statement over time and time again.

However, there are ways through which you can control dog aggression. 

Aggression in dogs is a very complex issue. Dog aggression is harmful to everyone, the owner, his family, other animals, other people near, and to the dog itself. There is definitely a solution to control dog aggression. There are many tips that may help in controlling and solving problems related to dog aggression. It is not at all an impossible task.

However, the only thing you need to keep in mind is that dog aggression will not disappear in one day or overnight.  Turning your canine partner into a well-behaved dog from an aggressive one will not be an easy fix for you. Constant practice, consistency, and dedication along with patience, if implemented with a correct approach will definitely result in stopping dog aggression. 

You must have heard the statement- ‘Prevention is better than Cure.

Prevention will act as the key to success in fixing the aggression problem in your dog.

A dog will surely show signs of aggression from the early stages. You need to prevent the development of aggression from right there. If you take proper prevention then you will not have to worry about the cure. You need to act diligent with your dog.

Reasons for Aggression

It might be possible that your dog may be very aggressive. His aggression could be regarding anything. 

There are different reasons and different types of aggression in dogs.

  1. Possession aggression often referred to as food aggression.
  2.  Fear of aggression
  3.  Aggression due to the leash or collar
  4.  Social aggression
  5. Aggression induced as a result of pain.

How To Control Dog Aggression

Here are some tried and tested tips listed below. These will surely help you in preventing dog aggression.

Do not encourage dominant behavior.

Watch out for the reasons that cause aggression in your dog.

Start socializing your pet with other human beings and other animals, right from the puppy stage.

Make use of positive methods of training.

Do not hit or be violent with your dog.

You may consider these tips, right from the puppy stage of your dog. These will help you in preventing the development of aggression in your dog. However, it may be possible that your adult dog is starting to develop aggression. Or, it can be a situation where you recently adopted an adult dog who is behaving aggressively. 

You may be feeling helpless! But do not worry. Consistency, dedication, and patience will again help you deal with the problem of aggression in your dog.

It will take some time but it will definitely happen.

So… Stay Positive and love your dog as much as you can.

I hope this blog guided you on How To Control Dog Aggression. in addition, we have a separate blog on Reasons For Dog Aggression. You may refer to it for gaining information about those reasons.

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