Did you read my blog about the problems faced dogs during Diwali? I hope it must have cleared up all the problems that are faced your pet dog during Diwali. Here, I would give you amazing tips to celebrate a Dog-friendly Diwali.

Diwali may be your favourite festival but it is not the same for your dog.

All the problems that your dog faces, can result in trauma in your dog. Diwali celebrations can be a traumatic experience for your dog. 

Well! You must be knowing that we are absolute dog lovers.

We felt really bad for our dogs. They have to suffer so much on Diwali. Well! The reason for their sufferings is- Us Human Beings. 

We could not keep calm at all. Thus, we decided to find solutions to their problems. 

After a lot of research and common thinking, we managed to come up with  8 ideas. 

These 8 ideas will help the dog owners out there. They will tell you about how to celebrate a dog-friendly Diwali.

8 Tips to Celebrate a Dog-friendly Diwali

1. Make your house soundproof

You must be knowing that the sounds of firecrackers can adversely affect the hearing of your dog. The effects can be so adverse that your dog can even get deaf due to it. All this is because dogs have a higher listening capability in comparison to human beings. They can hear double the frequencies that a human being would hear. It is a blessing for them! However, this blessing turns into a curse during the festival of Diwali.

The solution to prevent this is to make your house soundproof. This is the only solution available to dog owners. You need to make sure that all the windows and doors of your house are closed. 

For additional coverage, you can make use of thick blankets for covering the windows. This will prevent any sound from entering your house and affecting your dog.

Also, there is one main thing that all dog owners should consider during any festive celebration. That is, a dog owner should never make the mistake of tying their dog outside the house. This will make your dog feel neglected. Your dog may get sad for not being included as a family member. 

Also, during the festival of Diwali, your dog will get more exposed to the sounds of the cracker and the smoke exerted them.

2. Avoid bursting firecrackers for a 

To celebrate a dog-friendly Diwali make sure you do not burst firecrackers. Firecrackers are harmful to everyone. Not only to dogs but to human beings and the environment as well. They cause excessive sound pollution and air pollution. As a result, there is a considerable increase in global warming as well.

Avoiding bursting firecrackers will solve all the above problems. It will reduce an increase in-

Sound pollution.

Air pollution.

Global warming.

it will also prevent the development of various breathing problems.

You must be knowing that firecrackers exert a lot of smoke. This smoke makes the air very polluted. Also, this smoke can lead to the development of various breathing problems in your dog. Your dog may develop various lung infections and asthmatic problems as a result of it.

However, it may be possible that you like bursting firecrackers. Well! I cannot force you to listen to me or obey me. All I can do is request you about the number of firecrackers that you are planning to burst. Make sure you do not burst a lot of firecrackers. This will not only be beneficial to your dog but to you as well.

Also, make sure your dog or any other street dog is not near while you are bursting crackers. Your dog will get scared of the noise of firecrackers. The smoke exerted those crackers will not let your dog breathe properly. Also, there is a risk of your dog getting burnt, it comes too close to the crackers. Thus, take proper prevention.

3. Schedule your dog’s walk early in the morning

During the festive season, or else, particularly during the Diwali season you should schedule your dog’s walk to early mornings.

In comparison to the evenings, mornings are comparatively calmer. The level of noise pollution and air pollution is way too less during the morning time.

Going for a small and peaceful walk will help your dog in calming down. He may feel relaxed after that.

4. Keep your Dog’s favourite food for a Dog-friendly Diwali

Diwali is not all about Firecrackers. It is also about traditional sweets and savouries as well. 

Make sure you do not feed excessive sweets to your dog. This may be harmful to their health. A substitute for this can be stocking up on your dog’s favourite food. 

Whenever you are enjoying traditional sweets, give your dog their favourite food or treat. This way, they will not be able to blackmail you with their puppy eyes. 

Additionally, all of you will be able to enjoy the festival of Diwali to the fullest.

5. Get toys for your dog to celebrate a Dog-friendly Diwali

You must be knowing the favourite toy of your dog. It may be a ball, a squishy sound toy, or a bone instead. You must surely be knowing about it. Make sure you keep your dog’s toy handy. 

This will help you in diverting your dog from paying attention to the noises of the crackers. These noises may adversely affect your dog. Your dog may get scared or even aggressive due to all these noises. Having your dog’s favourite toy will help you in keeping your dog distracted. Also, this will prevent your dog from getting scared.

6. Keep anti-anxiety medicines handy

It is good to be prepared with anti-anxiety medicines that are suitable for your dog. Consult your vet before giving the anti-anxiety medicines to your dog.

To reduce your dogs. anxiety and helplessness you may make use of these medicines. But do not give these medicines to your dog without consulting the vet. They may be harmful to your dog. 

Also, do not give an extra dose of these medicines to your dog, no matter what the situation is. 

You can give your dog anti-anxiety medicines in the required quantity, as recommended your vet.

7. Include your Dogs in the Diwali celebration

Dogs do not deserve to be neglected during festivals. They are a part of our family and should be treated like one. They should be included in every festival that we celebrate.

You can make dog-friendly treats and even dress them with cute outfits. This can be a great initiative towards a dog-friendly Diwali. Also, this may serve as a great way of including our dogs in the Diwali celebration. This will make them realize that they are also a considerable part of the family. 

In addition, this will help in reducing stress and anxiety in dogs. This will make them distracted from the noises of the firecrackers. Also, they will have an amazing experience of the festival of Diwali. They will also be able to enjoy the festival of Diwali, just like we do!

8. Emergency dog care kit should always be in Handy

There can be an emergency at any time! You never know! 

To celebrate a dog-friendly Diwali, make sure that an emergency dog care kit is always there with you. That emergency dog care kit should contain all the medicines and tools recommended the vet. Additionally, keep the vet’s number handy for any case of emergency.

Let us try our best to make Diwali a fun and exciting festival for us and our dogs as well. Let our fur babies also experience the joy and vibes of Diwali. Come, let’s celebrate a dog-friendly Diwali.

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