Ok… so you have finally decided to adopt an Indian stray dog instead of buying one from the breeder.

Well! I am very proud of you for taking such a smart decision.

I am sure that you are a dog lover and do not differentiate between stray dogs and breed dogs on any basis.

But wait… you need to handle this situation in a little different way.

I know that even if it would have been a dog of a specific breed, you would still have treated it the same. But in the case of an indie, there are some exceptions. 

For example- When you buy a particular breed of dog, the breeder already informs you about his parents, his age, his suitabilities, and his health condition. However, in the case of adopting an Indian stray dog, you are completely unaware of all these facts.

Here are some tips that will inform you about how to adopt an Indian stray dog.

How To Adopt An Indian Stray Dog?

1. Are you ready for commitment? 

Think and then answer my question. 

I know you must be thinking why am I asking you this question? 

There is a reason behind my question. There are many incidents in which people adopt stray dogs. They leave them back on the streets when they are not able to take proper care of them. 

Maybe this is because people may have the mindset that they got that dog free of cost from the streets. They think that they can leave it back on the streets whenever they want.

However, I am sure that you must be aware that dogs are our responsibility and not just Christmas presents. 

Once you get a dog, it is completely your responsibility to take proper care of him. You need to provide him with whatever he needs and deserves. Be with them in their ups and downs. You always have to stay their side no matter what. 

Do not ever think of leaving him back on the streets

Thus, take an additional minute and think about it. Are you ready for commitment?

2. Look for shelters or people who feed stray dogs

There is no legal procedure for adopting a stray dog in India. Still, you should not just pick up a stray dog straight from the street.

There must be some shelter or some people who regularly feed and take care of the strays in one particular area. Make sure you inform those shelters or feeders that you are adopting or planning to adopt a stray dog.

This will ensure them that the stray puppy is now being treated as a pet. He is getting proper care. 

Also, shelters or people who feed stray dogs prefer staying in touch with family or the person that adopted a stray dog so that they keep an eye on the family for the additional benefit of the dog.

It was published that in some cases, the shelters or the feeders even take back the street puppy if he is not being taken proper care of.

3. Judge the dog you choose

Before adopting, try to properly assess the temperament of the dog that you have chosen for adoption. Notice and judge his behavior with human beings, other dogs, and other animals. Also, if possible try to get some information about his parents. 

Also, ask the shelter or the feeder and get to know about his health condition like-

a. Is its vaccination complete or not?

b. Does he have some health issues or diseases?

c. Is he allergic to something?

d. Is he sterilized or not?

This will directly help you in understanding the dog even more. Also, he will be provided with suitable care and prevention, once he is adopted.

4. Time for completing the adoption formalities

Once all the above three steps are completed, it is now your turn for completing the formalities related to adoption, if any. There can be two possible situations.

Situation 1: Feeders in that area take care of stray dogs.

In case, the dog that you choose to adopt,  is taken care of a feeder, make sure you inform the feeder about the adoption you are going to make. Share all the necessary details like- your name, your phone number, your address, etc.

In addition, also ask for the name and number of the feeder so that you can contact them in any case of emergency.

Situation 2: The stray belongs to a shelter.

Every shelter has its own set of formalities and conditions that need to be fulfilled before the adoption of the dog.

If the dog you are planning to adopt belongs to a shelter, then there may be some adoption formalities that you need to complete. 

You may be provided with a form in which they will ask you about your details like name, phone number, email id, address, and some identity proof as well(for additional security).
They may even ask you some questions related to dog and dog care just for having a quick background check

In both situations, it will be great if you ask for some advice that they would like to give you on how to look after your new ba.

5. Warmly welcome your new family member

Aree abb kis baat ka intezaar hai. Aapka naya dost abb uske naye ghar me jaane ke liye taiyaar hai.

After bringing your new ba to his new house, make sure the first thing you do is take him to the vet. Complete his vaccination. Also, go for a regular check-up along with a great grooming session. This will make your fur ba all ready for his new house.

Now it is our turn to make the house ready for its new member.

Set up a food bowl and a water bowl in a corner of your house, so that they can always access them. Provide a comfortable bed for your new companion. Also, make sure you keep all things away which may be toxic to your fur ba. 

Also, you need to remember one thing your puppy may be knowing you but still, this is a completely new environment for your fur ba. Your dog will gradually get used to it. Make sure you are patient and dedicated toward him. 

Adopting a stray dog is also a direct way of helping them. So, try to help if you can!

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