There are certain things that should be done dog owners while training their dogs. On the other hand, there are certain things that dog owners should never do while they’re training their dogs. 

Well, this blog is all about the dos and don’ts that one should follow while training their dog.

Let’s start with the dos first. 

10 things that all dog owners should do while training their dogs.


  1. Your main focus should be your dog. Give him your undivided attention. Experiment with every possible way to include your dog in your life. Try to understand your fur ba’s instincts and behaviors. 
  1. Honesty is the key. Be honest with your dog. Never try to fool him or tease him with your commands. 
  1. Prepare the ending before starting with any particular training session. Make your dog complete the whole training session. Once done, reward your dog for staying until the end. 
  1. Be consistent with your dog. Do not use different words or different tones. This may confuse your dog. 
  1. Stay one step forward. Try to think ahead. Predict your dog’s behavior before he makes a move. 
  1. Reward your dog for each successful attempt. Remember, everyone likes to be appreciated and rewarded. 
  1. Focus on teaching a single command at a particular point in time. This will facilitate fast and transparent learning. 
  1. Remain patient and calm. Let your dog take his time. Handle things with a relaxed mind. Just remember one thing: all good things take time. 
  1. Enjoy each moment of the training session. Make them fun, not boring. Make your dog enjoy training sessions. Do not let him feel as if training sessions are a punishment for him. You will both be able to enjoy yourselves this way. The bond between you and your dog will also get stronger. 
  1. Be kind to your dog. Keep in mind that dogs mirror their owners. A poorly trained dog is a direct reflection of the trainer. Any undesirable activity done the dog is the trainer’s fault, not the dog’s fault. Thus, plan your moves wisely. 

Let’s move to don’ts now!

10 things dog owners should never do while training their dogs.


  1. Do not allow others to pamper your dog more than you do. You are obviously the alpha dog of your home pack. Your dog should be more drawn to you than to another person. He should look to you for leadership and not to someone else.                                                                                                                           
  2. Never end a training session on a bad note. There should be a happy ending to every training session. Try to stay calm and positive. Reward your dog for each step forward he takes.
  1. Do not let your anger out on your dog. Try to explain things to him. Make sure you don’t punish him just because you are angry. Do not vent your annoyance on your dog. 
  1. Don’t lose your temper very often. Stay calm during the training session. Try to start a training session doing some meditation. It will definitely help. 
  1. Do not chase your dog during training sessions. This will lead to confusion. Your ultimate goal should be to make your dog come to you, not to confuse him.
  1. Do not fool your dogs. Never overpraise him or shower him with love just to bring him to you and punish him. Do not use the technique of “aaja mera beta, pakka promise marungi nahi.” I hope you see what I mean. 
  1. Don’t keep repeating commands. Balance your command usage. Do not overuse commands.
  1. Do not punish your dog in the name of discipline. Never forget that discipline and punishment are two different things.
  1. Do not reward your dog for a given behavior and then later punish him for the same behavior. Always remember that consistency is the key. You need to be consistent throughout the training session.
  1. Do not allow anyone else to give commands to your dog during a training session. Your dog may get confused hearing commands from different people.

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