Dogs are no less than babies. Only we dog parents can understand what our dogs mean to us. They are our non-biological babies covered with fur. You will agree to the point that it is every parent’s duty to guide and lead their children. Similarly, it is the dog parents’ duty to guide and lead their dogs as well. Just like our children look up to us for various things, so do our dogs.

We dog parents must maintain our composure while being around our dogs. We need to be calm and assertive with our dogs. It is our duty to be consistent with the boundaries that we have set for our dogs. On the other hand, we should also ensure that our dog is comfortable being around us. This way, the bond between our dog and us will keep strengthening. 

Tips to Control your Dog and Be the Leader of the Pack

1. Start obedience training with your dog

Providing obedience training for your dog is necessary. It will ensure that your dog is listening to you. Also, you will be the one instructing the dog, not the dog which is instructing you. 

2. Follow a strict feeding schedule

You must stick to a strict feeding schedule. Your dog requires a strict, consistent feeding schedule. Do not feed your dog whenever you feel like it. Try to feed your dog at the same time every day.

This will be another step in ensuring that you are the only leader of the pack.

3. Always walk ahead of your dog

You must ensure that you are the first person to step outside the door, not your dog. In order to become the leader of the pack, you need to act like one first. Make sure you are the one who leads your dog. Try to stay ahead of your dog. 

No matter how excited your dog is about going out. Instruct him to stay calm. Take the first step and make your dog follow you. You can use the command “no” or “sit” to calm him down. Also, teach him the command “come” to instruct him to follow you.

4. Control your dog’s sleeping area

To ensure that you are the only leader of the pack, it is very important for you to control your dogs’ sleeping areas.

It’s completely okay if you don’t allow your dog on the furniture. However, if you allow your dog to sit on the sofa or couch, you must reassure him that you are the sole controller of this space. Make use of the command “off.” When your dog hears this, he or she should immediately get off the furniture. In case he doesn’t, guide him towards the floor and make him get off the furniture. 


These are some ways that will ensure that you are the leader of the pack. You need to remember is that to become a leader, you need to act like one first. Try to handle all situations with patience and consistency. However, be strict with your dog if required. We would also suggest you read our blog of 10 Dos and 10 Don’ts While Training Your Dog.

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