Dog Stories

We are trying and building a Dogs and Human Community where the only thing that is required is to share your experience or a story with a Dog. It can be anything like

  •  Your best Joyful and Happy Moment with the Dog.
  • Any sorrows or traumatic stages you overcome alongside your dog.
  • You and the dog take care of each other in difficult situations.
  • Change you have felt after the dog came into your life.
  • Life of any dog you have changed when you came into their life.
  • You & Dog and your adventure story.

Means anything and everything with the utmost truthfulness and rawness you can share. Your experience or story can be as long or thoughtful as you wanted it to be.

It’s just about being creating a platform, where we can see more humanity & Love with raw emotions.

Even if one story of yours is changing a single person’s perspective of what importance a dog can bring in one’s life or we can bring in the life of these most honest souls, the mutual effort of yours and us will be done.

Even if people will not adopt them but take small efforts to feed them or take care of them on the roadside, things will start changing surely!

We Make A Promise !!  We will try to be the honest and louder voice of your experiences or stories as much as we can !!

We only expect you to spread your love towards such an adorable living soul! You can just submit your story with us in which you and your dog are involved.

Note: Please submit your story in a minimum of 350 words with a clean picture else the same will not be considered.

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