I am pretty sure that all the dog parents out there definitely celebrate the new year with their fur babies. We guys can not leave our fur babies home alone at any cost.

So, what are your plans for the new year? How are you going to celebrate the first day of the new year with your fur kids? Well, you all must have different plans. Let me share my plan with you all.

This is how I planned to celebrate the first day of the new year with my dog.

I would really appreciate it if you could imagine that it is January 1, 2023, while reading about my plans.

So, it’s finally 2023.

Our morning will start with lots and lots of cuddles. Starting the day on a positive note, I will first bathe my dog. I will groom him properly and have him put on his new clothes. (kya yaar new year pr purane kapde kon phenta hai). Also, it’s January 1. It’s really cold outside. There are many health problems that dogs may face during the winter season. Hence, I do not want my dog to get sick.

After getting my child all ready, I will also quickly get ready. We will both now take some blessings from God and our parents. This is, however, an important part of our daily routine as well.

We will have breakfast after getting all the blessings. Some yummy poori-sabji for me, and some boiled eggs mixed with vegetable rice for my child.

Post breakfast, the most important thing that I will do is give the deworming tablets to my dog. This is something that stays mandatory on my new year’s checklist since I own a dog. Dogs should be dewormed once every three months. Giving deworming tablets to my dog on January 1 makes it easier for me to keep track of his deworming schedule.

Since it is January 1, I will prefer to take my dog to a dog-friendly cafe or to the dog park in the afternoon. This way, we will both get to make new friends. Also, my dog will get a lot of physical and mental exercise going out and meeting new dogs and humans.

After this playful session, we will head back toward our home in the evening. I am pretty sure that my dog will sleep really tight. There are other plans in the evening so I will also take a little rest.

I was sure that I would not leave my dog alone on the first day of the new year. Instead, I want to welcome the new year with my child. However, my friends insisted on seeing me a lot. I could not refuse, so we made a plan to meet in the evening.

My family will be staying at home, so I will not have to worry about my dog being alone. I will go to see my friends in the evening and try to return home as soon as possible.

This is how I have planned on celebrating the new year with my dog. What are your plans? Feel free to share your plans with us.

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