Confused about the best animal to pet?

We suggest a dog!

Here’s why…

So basically we are going to tell you simply why the dog is the best animal to pet. You will also get to know the overall benefits of having a dog as a pet.

Why Dog:  Best Animal to Pet

1. They took the first move.

Looking into the past, it was wolves who approached human beings for friendship. They used to hang out with our ancestors and stay near their camps. You must be knowing that dogs are descendants of wolves. This was the reason behind the wolves getting converted into modern dogs.

Thus, it was not human beings, but dogs who took the first step toward friendship. 

2. Dogs are one of the smartest domestic animals.

There is no doubt about the fact that dogs are super smart. They are highly trainable and are very good at learning things. Simply, nature made them this smart giving them bigger brains. That enables them to learn and understand so much.

It is easy to train and teach a dog. This is the reason that dogs are very commonly kept as pets.

3. Dogs help in improving your health conditions

Everyone out there will agree with the fact that dogs improve their owner’s health. They directly have a positive impact on their owners’ health. It is acceptable that dog owners get a lot more exercise in comparison to people who do not own dogs. However, exercise is beneficial for both, the dog and the owner as well.

In addition to the above point, it has been scientifically proven that dogs are simply responsible for improving the mental health and heart health of their owner besides the improvement of physical health.

4. Dogs simply make you happy

It has been recorded that a person gets instant relief from his tensions. The owner’s stress levels tend to go down having an interaction with his dog or even just petting his dog.

A quick interaction with your dog may lead to-

An instant increase in the levels of serotonin hormone in your body

A decrease in your stress levels

Less anxiety and instant relaxation

Better moods and whatnot!

5. They make you richer

I know this point can lead to an argument

Some people may believe it while some may not! But first, let me explain it to you. 

There can be two perspectives or ways of understanding this point

Number 1-  According to the Astrologers

Astrologers claim that dogs can make a person richer. They say that Goddess Lakshmi will directly bless you with a great amount of wealth and money if you feed a dog with your own hands. 

Number 2- According To The studies

According to a study conducted an animal welfare organization in the United Kingdom, it was seen that the people who own dogs earn relatively more in comparison to the people who do not have a dog

See… it is completely up to you whether you want to believe this point or not. No one is forcing you. But I would also like to share my viewpoint on this point.

I believe this point but I have my reasons. 

As discussed above, dogs help us in staying happy as well as healthy. Also, when we own a dog, we develop various skills and techniques like hard work, dedication, patience, etc. This indirectly makes us better people. All this leads to the development of confidence in us.

A person who possesses various skills and has confidence in himself will be more successful in comparison to the people who do not include the above skills and confidence in themselves.

Thus, we can agree on this point that dogs help us in getting richer.

However, we all know that we won’t be getting a dog for our financial purpose. But we can at least accept this additional benefit of having them in our lives.

6. Dogs can understand their owner

It has been recently discovered that dogs are not limited to being capable of differentiating between a loveable and angry human voice. Instead, they are even capable of judging and understanding the happy, sad, and angry facial expressions of their owners. 

Vuhuu! Does this not make dogs even smarter?

7. Because they are simply DOGS!

What else does anybody require to keep a dog as a pet when the main reason is they? 

Well! Simply decide to pet a dog instead of any other domestic animal because… they are DOGS.

I mean just look at them. 

Those puppy eyes to which you will never be able to say no.

Their cute little feet- will leave prints on your house floor and your heart as well.

And that wet nosy.

Their little tongue sticking out of their cute little mouth.

And whatnot! 


I hope the points that are listed above were more than enough to convince you to go for a dog as the best animal to pet. The main reason was that they are DOGS! However, there are many other benefits of having a dog. You may read them as well before adopting the dog. 

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