Our Story

Wondering about

  • Who are we?
  • What do we do?
  • Why are we here?

Firstly, Thank You So Very much for taking your precious time to be here !!!

Ours is a community of Dogs and Human. Before telling much about Father of Doggos, We would like to tell you a little about our group.

We are a group of Salaried Professionals, Business Owners and Doctors. Here, we are together because of our common objective and individual expertise , to help in our own way !

To know more about the Group, do refer to Our Team: Team Page

And Be a Part of the family in your own way just sharing a Dog Story associated with you, which had an impact on your life or has changed the whole life of a dog.

Ultimately, its about reading the stories of yours and we all can feel raw emotions between Dog and Human which helps us in building this bond more stronger. 

So, Father of Doggos is a community that will try to help the dogs in a way understanding more about them and their emotions.

We are actually a dog lovers and practical ones as well!

We know there is always an initiative for the adoption of stray dogs or Indies ( In our opinion as well, it should be the priority ) 

It doesn’t mean, that other dogs which are taken or adopted is just because of the status symbol. If you ask us, just like every individual is unique in itself, so does a dog. They comes up with different traits and it’s totally fine to have them, what’s bad is exploitation or overbreeding and also abandoning of these living souls.

We also have adopted a lot of Indies. Along with that, we have a German Shepherd ( From whom this story begins of Father of Doggos ), a Rottweiler, a labrador, a pug, and a Beagle in our group itself.

And the best part is you will love them for their individual qualities and believe me they will become your forever best friends and forever guardians, just like it happened in our case !!

Another question that can ring you – why only dogs?

Everyone in our group is a dog parent. We have been living with the dogs since long now and being a dog parent has actually made us realize the pain and suffering of dogs.

We think, now we carries a considerable amount of knowledge about dogs which helps us in understanding their emotions and providing solutions to dogs and human.

We started understanding dogs’ nature, behaviours, habits, etc while being with them. Actually Dogs tells us everything about themselves without even saying a word with just their eyes.

Dogs do speak, but only to those who understand them.

Thus, Father of Doggos is just a small initiative on our part, to all the dogs and Human out there.

We hope that was enough information about Father of Doggos. Our main motive behind providing this much information was to make you feel connected and know we are no different, but just one among all of you.

Keep visiting, Share your stories and help in building the better world for Dogs !

What We Aim

Our mission is to help the dogs and people with the help of a community, Not only dog lovers who can come up and share their experiences with the dogs, but also with the people who cannot relate the experience dogs can bring in one’s life and what impact you give to the dog or any other animal. (Again Here we talk about the dog’s just because of the expertise or experience we have). Whether it’s a story about your dog adventures, your story with the stray dogs , your trauma in which you and your dog help out each other. So it's about anything or everything where you just need to share your actual story, not any exaggeration, no sugar coating nothing, just rawness and actual stories of yours. In the end, the mission is to encourage people and believe with closed eyes that when a dog comes into your life, either you are going to change your life for a good or you have changed the whole life of a dog for a good !! : )


Our vision is to provide a very healthy & peaceful life to all dogs.


Why This Name

I was just discussing the mission and vision with my friends. I also introduced this community platform but for no surprise, my friends asked me why such a unique name? I smiled and discussed 2 Most Important reasons for the brand name “Father Of Doggos”.

First, the name says “Father” so it reminds me of my father who is unfortunately not with me. However, I always feel him around. He was my guardian when he was with me and now he has transformed into my guardian angel which basically makes him my forever guardian.

Second, it is my love for my dog. It will not be wrong to say that along with being my greatest companion, my dog is also my forever guardian.

I am glad to share that my father introduced me to dogs.

Hence, I put the name in memory of my father and our love for dogs.