In India, The Supreme Court has interpreted articles 21 and 51A(g). Article 21 protects all kinds of life, including the lives of animals as well. Whereas, 51A(g) states that all animals in India have the right to live with intrinsic worth, along with proper dignity and full security, 

All these articles apply to the street dogs of India as well.

Just like there are different kinds of people everywhere. Similarly, there are many different types of people in India as well. They can be divided as 

  1. People who love street dogs
  2. People who do not have any problem with street dogs
  3. People who hate street dogs

However, let’s not focus on the second and third categories. Let us talk about the first category, which is about people who love street dogs.

Well, one should not call themselves a dog lover if they only love their dog or a specific breed of dog. Or even if they do not love street dogs. People who are dog lovers, do not differentiate between a street dog and a breed dog. They are equally playful with street dogs. Moreover, they consider them a part of their life. Actual dog lovers treat both the categories, the street dogs and the breed dogs, equally.

Also, be it breed dogs or be it street dogs, they both are equally loyal. Moreover, in comparison to a street dog, there is no difference in the amount of love, care, and affection that a breed dog provides to its owner.

Hopefully, the definition of an actual dog lover may be clear after reading the paragraph written above. Anyways, you may continue reading this blog if you believe that you are a dog lover. This blog contains some informative facts about the street dogs of India.

The listed points will provide you with complete information about street dogs in India. They will help you understand them better. 

About Street Dogs of India

Below-mentioned points will be informative. They will help in better understanding street dogs.

1. The population of street dogs in India

There are about 40 million street dogs scattered in different parts of India. There is not even one state in India that does not have street dogs. Street dogs are present in every part of India.

2. Weight of an Indian street dog

It is observed that a male Indian street dog nearly weighs 15 kilograms to 35 kilograms. Whereas a female street dog in India weighs about 15 kilograms to 25 kilograms.

It is also observed that the female street dog in India usually weighs lighter than the male street dog. 

3. The health of street dogs in India

Surprisingly, street dogs are much healthier when compared to any other breed of dog in India. A simple and clear reason for it is that they face various problems.  Harsh climates and starvation are some examples. They face problems right from the time they take birth. 

This makes them habitual of those conditions, indirectly making them stronger. Moreover, like other dog breeds, Indian street dogs do not fall sick easily. This is again a great point about them.

4. Indian street dogs are very smart

Just like any other breed of dog, Indian dogs are also very smart. They are considered to be smarter than other breeds of dogs. This is because they have to survive with very less of human support or sometimes maybe without no human support. 

They have the capability of finding a solution to their problem, all themselves.

In addition to this, because street dogs of India are very smart, they are very easy to train as well. God gifted them amazing catching powers.

5. Food habits of Indian Street dogs

As the name suggests, Indian street dogs live on the streets of India. They do not have a particular home or an owner. This means that there is no surety of anything to them. In this type of situation, not only a dog but anyone would only expect some bare minimum food for their survival. 

Thus, street dogs eat only to survive in this world. Therefore, Indian street dogs are not fussy or picky eaters. They eat whatever they find or are provided with.


Everyone is a creation of God. May it be human beings, animals, birds, insects, and so on. If God has gifted life to someone then nobody has the right to take it away. There is no difference between a street dog and a breed dog. They both are God’s Creation. Also, it is our responsibility to take care of street dogs in India. We are very well capable of doing it.

This was All About Street Dogs Of India. Do you also wish to know how to adopt an Indian street dog?

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