Hello friends, I am Nupur. I feel great that Father of Doggos is providing us with a platform where we can share anything about our fur babies.


Are you a dog lover? If yes, then I am sure that you can also keep talking about dogs for the entire day, just like me. I would like to share the story of my pet being attacked 8 to 10 stray dogs. Okay, I am still in tears, but let’s do this.

My dog’s name is CASPER. He is a pit bull. He just turned two. Casper was once attacked eight to ten stray dogs. Sadly, he was just 8 months old when this painful incident happened. Casper is very fond of going on walks. It was a summer evening, so I decided to take him for one.  But little did I know that it was the worst day of my life. The route that we usually walk on was blocked for a reason.

We had no other option, so we decided to take another route.  I wasn’t aware that the stray dogs in that area were so ferocious and wild. I was just taking Casper on that route when I suddenly heard the growling of some dogs. I turned back, and there were nearly 8 to 10 dogs. They were barking very loudly. I was really scared. I had no idea what to do. On the other hand, Casper could not tell that these dogs were not friendly and that they wanted to harm him.  After all, he was just a ba.  He was trying to go near them, but I was constantly pulling his leash.


And suddenly, the unexpected happened. Two stray dogs came and attacked him. My hands got so cold that the leash just slipped from my hands. And that’s when the worst happened. All these stray dogs combined to attack Casper. My ba was wailing in agony. I could not do anything. I was crying like hell. That’s when some people from that locality came and helped me out. A stranger simply stepped between the 8 and 10 stray dogs and scooped Casper up in his lap. I was crying so badly that I couldn’t even properly thank that person.


I swear to God that, even though this incident happened 15 to 16 months ago, that person is still in my prayers. I am not able to forget this incident, but I just think of it as if it were my worst nightmare, which will never happen again.


I just pray that no dog on this earth ends up in a situation like this. My Casper is a very brave yet friendly boy. I am proud of him. I just pray to God that Casper and all the other creatures on this planet get blessed with an awesome life, as they deserve it.

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